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Billionaire-Powered Education

Once, back in the late sixties, I studied the interlocking boards of directors of major corporations, banks, hospitals and cultural institutions in a small mid-western city.  The power elite of the metropolitan area came sharply into view.  With that “power map” in hand I could follow the values and money shaping the community where I lived—and become a more effective community organizer.

In previous posts I have been following the values and money that shape the current “education reform” movement in the U.S.  Billionaire funders of the movement may not be represented on a formal set of interlocking directorates, but their goals overlap to serve interests of the corporate sector and the ideological right wing.  Continue reading


The DeVos’ Stealth Campaign to Privatize Public Schools

Flying under the radar of our consciousness is an insidious effort to undermine—and eventually dismantle—public education in this country.  The threat is gathering momentum.  Rather than raising a tepid defense, however, this is a time to re-imagine and renew public schools as a wedge to renovating our fractured society.

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