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Social Networking for Great Public Education

Allow me to share with you, dear readers of this blog, the journey we are on together.  My life as a blogger began with a suggestion from my son, Jeff (the founder guy): “Write a blog and drive it through social networking sites to promote your book.”  The name of my new book, Seeds of Freedom: Liberating Education in Guatemala, implies a lot of what my adult life has been about.  My blog site URL is on message with that:   But if you are new to it, I want to share with you what you will find as you explore it now.

As a non-native to the world of blogging and social networking, I thought it best to explore the medium and to find my public voice in a related topic.  My topic of choice was to analyze public education in the U.S.  A couple of insightful articles came my way and I found myself falling into a rabbit hole of scary threats to public education, including serious efforts to privatize it entirely.  Continue reading


Children Failed by Society’s Neglect

“Class size is soaring in the poorest schools.  I walk into classes with 35, 40, 42 children packed into a single room.  Originality?  Forget it.  Creativity?  Forget it.  Critical thinking, asking questions?  There’s no time for children to ask questions.”  These observations are from Jonathan Kozol, one of the nation’s sharpest critics of the U.S. neglect of its public schools in low-income urban areas.  (AlterNet transcript of “Democracy Now” program) Continue reading

The Child to Citizen Classroom—Education for Responsible Democratic Life

In Honolulu, Hawaii, Maya Soetoro-Ng has a vision for transforming that state’s very inadequate school system into a powerful example of citizenship education for the rest of the world.  A recent Nation article took note that Hawaii’s test scores rank below the national average, but described how Soetoro-Ng seeks to inspire students both to perform well academically and to become strong contributors to their communities.

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U.S. Public Education Under Attack

The extent and agenda of funding for education from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is not well known in this country. We all know that Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men in the world, and may be aware of the Gates Foundation’s (GF) funding of anti-AIDS work in Africa. But what of its funding of education efforts in this country? A New York Times article by Sam Dillon, published May 21, 2011, lifted the veil. Entitled “Behind Grass-Roots School Advocacy, Bill Gates,” it can be found at:

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