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Sinking Democracy by Selling Education

One stream of the current education reform movement seeks to “unbundle” public schools.   Arguing that the “one size fits all” model of public education doesn’t fit all, its reformers seek school choice, not only as choices between schools, but also as options for commercially supplied curriculum products within schools.

The approach of the “unbundlers” is spelled out in a series of articles in a book edited by Frederick Hess and Bruno Manno: Customized Schooling: Beyond Whole-Group Reform.[1]  Hess is an education scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, while Manno is an official of the Walton Family Foundation, which is known for its advocacy of the privatization of public schools in this country.[2]

Their goal is to pave the way for commercial providers to sell curricular products in response to parental consumer demand. Continue reading

ALEC: Planting Seeds of Domination

A secretive alliance has been percolating for years between representatives of major US-based corporations and far right Republican state legislators.  Its real purpose is to stack the legislative deck in favor of corporate-agenda profits and against the interests of the voting public.  Its members meet off-the-record to develop ideas and model language for legislation that weakens democratic government by promoting the privatizing of public services such as education and prisons.  The bills then flood state legislatures throughout the country.  Continue reading